Paul Parkman Men's Lilac Calfskin Wingtip Oxfords

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Step up your shoe game with these stylish Lilac Calfskin Wingtip Oxfords by Paul Parkman. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, these oxfords are a perfect combination of style and reliability.

The hand-painted leather upper gives these oxfords a unique and sophisticated look, while the lilac-colored leather sole adds a touch of elegance. The wingtip oxford style brogues and yellow laces are perfect for adding some flair to your outfit. Plus, the bordeaux leather lining provides ultimate comfort and durability.

Since each pair is made to order, please allow 15 days for delivery. The hand-painted and couture-level craftsmanship ensures that each pair has a one-of-a-kind hue and polish, making your oxfords truly unique. Please note that the color may differ slightly from the picture due to the artisanal process.

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