Paul Parkman Ghillie Lacing Bordeaux Dress Shoes (ID#GT515-BRD)



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Step up your style game with the Paul Parkman Ghillie Lacing Bordeaux Dress Shoes. Boasting a distinctive sculpted toe and eye-catching ghillie lacing, these shoes are more than just footwear—they're a conversation starter. Crafted with premium hand-painted calfskin leather in a rich bordeaux shade, these shoes exude elegance and sophistication.

Every step feels luxurious with the comfort of bordeaux leather lining and inner soles. The burnished leather soles add a dash of classic charm, making these shoes a timeless addition to your wardrobe. And because we know you're unique, every pair is handcrafted to order, ensuring that your shoes are as individual as you are. Expect a touch of personal flair, as each shoe may vary slightly in color and finish, telling its own story.

Ready to walk in confidence? Just remember, good things take time—these beauties take 15 days to perfect before they make their grand entrance at your door. Trust us, they're worth the wait!