Paul Parkman Men's Goodyear Welted Purple Wingtip Oxfords

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Paul Parkman Handmade Shoes

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Gonna rock a fashion-forward look? Slip into these Paul Parkman Men's Goodyear Welted Purple Wingtip Oxfords that blend style, comfort, and durability in one fantastic pair! Handmade with double leather soles and a Goodyear welted construction, these dress shoes are a class apart.

The uppers showcase a strikingly handsome hand-painted calfskin in purple, coupled with a rich Bordeaux leather lining and inner sole. Oh, and did we mention the fiery red laces that add a pop of contrast? It's a true fashion statement!

Remember, these are made-to-order shoes, so factor in around 15 days for delivery. And because they're hand-painted and crafted with the utmost care, each pair will be a unique piece of art. The colors might look a tad different from the picture, but that's what makes your pair special!

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