Paul Parkman Split Toe Men's Multi-Color Derby Shoes (ID#8864MLT)



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Step out in style with these unique and innovative Split Toe Derby Shoes. Crafted with a multicolour hand-painted leather upper, each pair is a true work of art. The green burnished leather sole adds a classic touch, while the interior bordeaux leather lining ensures comfort with every step.

  • Multicolour hand-painted leather upper
  • Split toe derby design
  • Green burnished leather sole
  • Bordeaux leather interior lining
  • Made-to-order product with unique hues and polish

These made-to-order shoes are a couture-level creation, so please allow 15 days for delivery. Each pair is hand-painted, ensuring that no two are exactly alike. The color and polish may differ slightly from the picture, adding to the individuality of each pair.