Different types of men's boots

Different Types of Men’s Boots

No matter what you wear, your footwear is something that grabs major attention. Styling the right pair of footwear is very much essential to tie the entire look together. And when it comes to men’s footwear, boots are the most common and overwhelming category. From Chelsea to chukkas and work boots to dress boots, there are a wide variety of men’s boots available out there. However, finding that perfect pair of boots can be a bit of a struggle. An ideal pair of boots will be something stylish, comfortable, protective, and built to last. So, let us together find out some common types of men’s boots and learn how to style them.

  • Men's Suede Boots for Work– Work boots feature some of the most heavy-duty construction of any boot style. Quality work boots feature waterproof construction, thick, and heavy soles, and breathable linings that keep them comfortable throughout the day.


  • Chelsea Boots – One of the most versatile, reliable, and timeless boots that almost every man has in his wardrobe. Considering the shape, fabric, and toe, you can wear these with three-piece suits or ripped, punk rocker jeans, or any other style.


  • Chukka Boots – These boots are often ankle high and most commonly made with leather uppers and crepe soles. They are open-lace boot styles that can look great with jeans and chinos alike.


  • Dress Boots – Well, dress boots are slightly more casual than a plain-toe or cap-toe dress boots. What makes it a dress boot is the slim silhouette leather sole and refined aesthetic. As these boots are the most refined ones, they can be worn with a suit and tie and can be rocked with overcoats or pea coat that fits perfectly with a dressier aesthetic.

When it comes to men’s boots, there are tons of choices available, each one with its unique style, design, purpose, and function. However, picking the right pair of boots that goes well with your outfit is all that matters. So, if you are looking for that perfect pair of boots, then check out the complete collection at https://wkshoes.com/. From dress shoes to work boots, WK Shoes has tons of options to choose from. For more details, visit our website today and get your hands on that perfect pair of footwear.