5 Tips to Take Care of Your Leather Boots and Make Them Last Forever

5 Tips Take Care of Your Leather Boots and Make Them Last We are well into the season of wearing our leather boots with almost every outfit. While we do that, we are also constantly looking for ways to take care of your favorite footwear so that they last through long seasons of rain, snow and salt on the streets. Fortunately, taking care of leather boots isn’t as daunting as some might have been led to believe. All it requires is that you put in some time and effort. And if you are willing to do that, you can keep your boots looking as good as new for a long time. Here are a few tips to take care of leather boots:

Protect your boots from rain and snow

You should get a protective spray for your boots that doesn’t just act as a waterproof treatment but also provides a layer of protection against extreme and sudden winter weather as well as unexpected spills. There are water and stain protectors that work on leather as well as suede and fabric. They prevent the material from soaking in the liquid, allowing you to wipe it away. Apply this protector at least once a week.

Repair stains immediately

One of the most common reasons for leather boots getting destroyed during winter is not getting rid of the stains properly, especially the salt stains. Do not make the same mistake again. You can buy a salt stain remover or make one at home, using equal parts water and white vinegar. Apply this remover as soon as you get home and let the boots airdry.

Invest in leather creams and conditioners

Just like your skin, your leather boots also need some creams and conditioners. While leather creams are a great way to treat discoloration and scuffs, conditioners help preserve their shine and makes them last longer. However, in case of extreme scuffing or fading, get your boots to a repair shop for professional care.

Inspect the soles regularly

If you have a habit of wearing the same pair of boots every day, chances are the soles will get damaged over time. And if they do, make sure you get them fixed or replaced sooner than later. The longer you wait to get them repaired, the more you will have to pay. Instead of waiting until the shoes are no longer wearable, inspect the soles regularly and have them fixed as soon as you notice visible signs of wear.

Clean your boots regularly

Your boots are the only element in your whole outfit that are constantly making contact with dirt, dust, grime, snow and salt. So, there is no denying how important it is for you to clean them regularly. While a wipe down after every wear is surely a good idea, you should also give them a good clean once every few days. Use a soft brush or piece of soft damp cloth to remove any dirt that may be stuck in them.

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