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Stay safe, be comfortable all shift long, and look good at the same time! This selection of premium work footwear is equipped with steel toe caps that give you peace of mind and keep you compliant while on the job. Slip resistance keeps your feet under you where they belong, and antistatic soles add another layer of safety so you can stay on the clock and earning.

Available in a variety of fashion-forward comfort styles, both with and without laces, you won’t look out of place on the assembly line, warehouse floor, workshop, or walking down the street. Oil resistance is available as a safety feature, but also keeps your boots looking new longer.

From trusted names like Regatta, Blackrock, and Durus Workwear, you can buy with confidence knowing you’re getting boots that are built with care and made to last. These steel toe boots & shoes are also crafted for comfort.

Wide fits, shock-absorbent heels, lighter materials for reduced weight, and available mesh uppers for airflow all work together to reduce fatigue and keep your mind off of your feet and on the job where it belongs. Invest in a firm foundation today!  A good pair of work shoes is a necessity, not a luxury. Fine footwear makes your work day go faster.

 Men's Shoe Size Conversion.  USA Size is (1/2 size) Larger Than UK Size

Our Boots are 'Wide' for comfortable fit.



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