Your Ultimate Guide to Picking the Right Sports Bra

Your Ultimate Guide to Picking the Right Sports Bra

Sachin SahuJul 18, '19

Your Ultimate Guide to Picking the Right Sports Bra

First, we can all start by confessing that picking the right intimates is a daunting task, let alone sports bras. With the variety of types and shapes available today, being confident about our decision has become even more challenging.

When choosing your sports bras, one of the main criteria you should look for is support. Why? Because the first enemy you need to fight against is gravity. When working out, breasts move in all directions: up and down, to the sides, in and out. Thus, getting a sports bra that prevents them from traveling far from your chest is the target. To understand why support in your sports bra matters, learning a little bit about breast anatomy is crucial.

Breasts are not muscles. Instead, the breast structure consists of a soft tissue and ligaments that are meant to bounce back to their original length, only until there is stretching that make the breast drop and become saggy. Hence, fetching for a sports bra that guarantees an excellent lift can largely contribute to maintaining the breast in a good shape for a long time.

Of course, it is needless to say that any bra, including sports bras, must provide comfort as well. The shape recommended for a comfortable sports bra highly depends on the size of the breast. However, small sizes usually fit better in a shelf style bra for compression, while encapsulated sports bras are preferred for larger breasts.

As for the size, there is no magic trick to get a sports bra that perfectly fits. However, you can aim for the usual size of your bras, then adjust whenever you feel that your sports bra is either too loose or too tight. You will know that the sports bra you picked isn’t the perfect size when the straps are digging into your body, the bra band does not line up, or if you suffered from back or breast pain after wearing it.

The fabric your bra is made of matters equally. There is a lot of sweat included in working out. Therefore, you need a bra that gets dry quickly, not a sports bra that would stay wet all day long.

Another aspect that we all worry about is the aesthetic one. You don’t only want a sports bra that provides support, you want it to look good as well, don’t you? For this reason, we make sure to offer you a multitude of options to choose from. At our Dynowin store, no matter the size, the color, the style or the type of sports bras you are looking for, you will easily find it at unbeatable prices! But once you find that ideal sports bra, don’t stick with it forever, especially when your weight is changing.

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