History of the Chelsea Boot

Has it been a while since you last honestly considered the best Chelsea boots for men for a prestige dinner date? At some point, we all might be old-fashioned from the glory days when it comes to keeping up with trends and style, and a lot has indeed changed in the wild world of men's fashion. But one thing that remains constant and at the top is the exclusive men's leather Chelsea boots. To this date, Chelsea boots remain at the topmost list of men's footwear even after drastic shifting preferences of different footwear worldwide. If you talk about trends, the Chelsea boots beat the records of all the footwear trends. Ever since the rise of mid-century, Chelsea boots have been seen on the streets of Swinging London; these boots uniquely earned their fashionable essential status by, in reality, living up to the honorific era.

Chelsea is a flexible-sided boot commercialized and probably invented for Queen Victoria in the 1850s. Up to that point, many of the boots were protected by laces, making them appropriate for doing work in muddy fields, but it was tough to make them elegant. It is a simple fact that the laces and facings lying on the topmost side of the vamp made the boot bulkier.

The newly modernized men's leather Chelsea boots solve this problem. By making the sides of the shoes elastic, the foot can quickly enter the shoe but still can be secured enough on foot for comfortable walking. These boots have never been appropriate for rough outdoor works, but a conventional lace-up boot could cope with such conditions. The Chelsea boots, however, were never created with sturdiness in mind. The smooth, shiny vamp of the Chelsea boot is the true meaning of a fine whole cut shoe. Still, it can give some of the features of the lace boot by incorporating an elastic that offers protection while doing heavy farm work, specifically in a dirty environment like the highways of Victorian England.

If you carefully look at the new current techniques of wearing the Chelsea boot, it is very much keeping up with the shoe's origins. It has become a versatile shoe and can suit any businessman who wishes to have a robust yet refined shoe or wants to wear a shoe on casual events that will cope with most situations, especially on the weekend away.

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Feel free to select various colors and finishes to match your prestigious outfits. The popular oxblood or black Chelsea boots complement formal and casual attire, while the grey, tan, and khaki suede boots deliver a more youthful, adventurous look. Finally, go for the pristine white leather boots for a unique, eye-catching style. Soft suede and luxurious leather keep your feet cozy and comfortable all day, and the premium-quality construction lasts a very long time. These men's leather Chelsea boots feature short block heels that deliver maximum support and keep you even-keeled throughout your day. Extremely comfortable for those long days spent walking or standing upon cement. Add a pair or two of this ultra-chic Chelsea footwear to your wardrobe today.