These one-of-a-kind leather shoes are embellished with buckles. This might sound a little pirate-esque, but the facts are monk strap shoes are anything but scruffy and are generally worn on land. They are an elegant choice that will go comfortably with any dressing style you opt for. Monkstrap shoe is differentiated by its unique lopsided single-, double- or sometimes even triple-buckled strap. It gives a final sleek and secure overall look, for this silhouette has a record that takes us years back before even the most vintage clothing feature was in fashion trend.

Monkstrap shoes are less frequently preferred for formal footwear; it's commonly assumed that the monk strap shoe is a contemporary addition to traditional shoe designs. However, the origins of this silhouette take us back in the High Middle Ages to Europe, around the years of 1000 to 1350. At the time, monks preferred these shoes because of their enhanced durability, showing better workwear than easily scraped sandals. This version was modified in 15th-century Italy to a unique silhouette closer to the type we now adore and know well.

Now fast-forwarding a few hundred years, the new publicity around the monk strap shoe is said to have curtailed from great luxury fashion houses like Saint Laurent, who proposed it as a medieval, hardware-heavy twist on the conventional loafer. Since then, it has become the base of men's traditional footwear collections, turning into one of the most versatile dress shoes in our collection.

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