Back Support Benefits

Walter KramerAug 20, '19

Do you have a slouching problem? Or do you simply want to sit and stand straighter? This Posture Corrector and Back Support is an easy way to improve your overall posture each day. This lightweight, unisex back brace gently pulls your upper back and shoulders into position, allowing you to gradually build muscle memory for the correct posture. The figure 8-shaped back straps are made from a comfortable and breathable material, with neoprene padding inside to help ensure that they don’t cut into your arms. Buckles and hook-and-loop closures allow you to easily adjust the brace to just the right fit for your body type. The sleek black brace is designed for daily use, and it can be worn comfortably both over and under clothing. Wear it for just 10 to 20 minutes for the first few days, then gradually begin adding an extra 10 minutes each day.

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