3 Common Mistakes Men Make When Buying Shoes

We’ve all been there. We buy a pair of shoes that we think are just perfect, only to realize later that they are not as good as we thought they were, don’t fit well, and barely go with any outfit in our closet. 

Now, you can’t return those. It’s already too late. That means you are stuck with shoes that you will probably never wear again. And to think that all of these could have been avoided! Buying shoes, although a seemingly easy task, does require some careful consideration. But more importantly, it requires you to avoid making these common mistakes:

1. Ignoring quality and prioritizing price

Sure, it may be tempting to buy those $20 sneakers from a fast-fashion brand instead of spending $100 on a much better pair of men's boots, but is it really worth it? Cheap shoes are made using cheap materials, and rarely do they last very long. Good quality shoes may be more expensive, but their construction, materials, and craftsmanship is worth every penny. What’s more, they’ll save you money in the long run because you don’t have to keep replacing them every few years.

2. Not focusing on comfort

A big mistake that a lot of people make when buying shoes is ignoring comfort. They often get so enamored by the look of a pair of dress shoes or boots that they completely neglect to check if they feel good on their feet. Avoid doing this because it will lead you to buy uncomfortable shoes and may even cause foot injuries in extreme cases. Always buy shoes that fit you well and support your feet and legs.

3. Buying shoes that don’t match your lifestyle

If you are a part of the corporate world, chances are you spend a majority of your time in formal wear. So work boots are not exactly your aesthetic. Dress shoes and Chelsea boots, on the other hand, fit your everyday style perfectly. When shopping for shoes, you should focus on styles that you can easily pair with all your outfits. 

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